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Social Media Marketing are usually used for creating content that attract people and encourage readers to share it with their social network.This form of media is spread out through words to mouth and meaning it results in earned media than any paid media. It is a platform,where anyone can easily access it through internet. That’s why it is one of the popular methods of marking.

Social Media Marketing can have a huge impact on the outcome of events. Here is some briefing of some popular social media.

Facebook: It is one of the large and popular social media in the world.Here u can find a lot people from different country to share your ideas,thoughts,and views by making them as your friends.You can join many group and share anything as category wise and also they will give any solution about their relevant subject.Facebook also allow any product to provide images, videos and longer description as well. It promotes your products in real time and brings customers in.

Twitter: It is also a popular platform of social media. But it profiles are not far more detailed than Facebook. Spreading news rapidly is one of the reasons of its popularity. It allows companies to promote their products on an individual level. The product details are briefly discussed here with a short message in which followers are more likely to go through. It also promotes your products in real time and brings customers in.

YouTube: YouTube is the largest video sharing site throughout the world. Here you can share anything by a video clip. You can also promote your products and give the review of your products through a video. It is also a popular form of marketing.

Google+: Google plus is a new but popular social media of Google like Facebook. It is included with Google search engine and other services of Google as well. With the improvements of Google personalize search and other Google based service, It allows for targeted advertising process and other short of location based promoting and promotion.

Instagram: Instagram is a great media for growing brand awareness and introducing products. 70% of Instagram users have spent time looking up a brand on the platform. Instagram allows you to promote brand and product in a friendly, authentic way without directly selling to your customers.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is known as The “World’s Largest Professional Network. This is a great platform for B2B. This is the fastest way to grow your brand and connections. LinkedIn made easier to build relationships with influencer. If you want to grow your professional network and B2B reach then LinkedIn the best platform for any business owner.

Blogs: Everyday you will discover more reasons for companies to work with blogging systems for web 2.0 repertoires. Tools including LinkedIn produce a setting regarding companies in addition to consumers to connect online. Organizations which understand the need regarding info, appearance, in addition to accessibility employ sites to generate their solutions favorite in addition to distinctive, in addition to eventually find people who’re aware of web 2.0.


Social Media Marketing

What I will do as Social Media Marketing Expert?

Social Media Audit: This audit will be taken where your brand is not present. I believe first step of solving any problem, there is one. I will analyze and inform what you have done, what you have missed and what you should do to get maximum exposure.

Social Profile creation: I will create/modify the social profiles as required. I will also help you in developing content to attract visitors and increase your brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Development: You will not be successful until you develop the strategy first. I will guide you to develop Social Media Marketing Strategy and get maximum outcome from all channels.

Blog Setup & Optimization: An incomplete blog will not attract readers or will not give you the search engine outcome you need. I will find the best blogging platform, help you optimizing the blog.

Blogging Strategy Development: I will Develop Blogging Strategy. This includes crafting blog ideas, writing the posts ( I don’t write, I will guide writer) and how to promote them through Social Media & Search Engines.

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