SEO Consulting Services

An Experienced SEO Consultant can develop and utilize search engine optimization tactics. My SEO Consulting Services can take a website from unknown position to page one ranking. As a SEO expert, I don’t guarantee top placement at search engines or overnight success. My strategies will give you tangible results and better ROI.

I will teach you about the importance of content marketing and social media presence. I will also explain how both effects in SEO in 2017.

Today SEO depends on producing great content. It should be well written, easy to understand. Also it should solve people’s everyday problem of your target market.

I have experience in working with a variety of B2B and B2C industries from Small to Medium Enterprises.

SEO Consulting Services

My SEO Consulting Services include:

    • Discovery – At the start of any SEO project, I start by learning about you, your business, your existing website, and your SEO goals. The more you tell me about current status of your business and desired future goals, the more actionable idea I will get to change your business.
    • Technical SEO Audit: Technical SEO Audit is like a health checkup for any website. It looks at the technical infrastructure of a website, the on-page elements and off-page essentials to maximize Search Engine Optimization activities. It is a great way to figure out why a website is not doing well in Search Engines. For any website, this report acts as the first step towards generating business. It provides a thorough review of the website’s SEO history, current performance and recommendations for future growth.
    • Competitive Analysis: This section covers how your competitors are performing on Search Engines. What type of activities they doing! what type of keywords they targeting! For which keywords they got higher position! From which sites they are getting links! After analyzing this, it will be easier to plan for your business.
    • Structure Development: Structure of website plays great role in SEO. Today, SEO starts before developing the site. Structure describes how each page will be linked to the website, how visitors will find them, how a webpage will be more crawlable to Search Engines. This section covers the full website planning. If your website needs redesign, I will advise. Do not redesign or redevelop your website without discussing with a SEO expert.
    • Keyword Research and Analysis: Once the structure development completed, then I will find the best terms of your target market and location. Depending on campaigns goal both Local & National terms will be advised. 3 types of terms will be advised. Easy to Rank, medium hard to rank & hard to Rank. I always advise people to start with easy terms which helps to rank easily and start growing business. Selected keywords will be used to plan and develop content marketing strategy.
    • Site Mapping: Site mapping is the procedure of assigning a selected keyword to a specific page of content on a website. This process creates a roadmap of existing and future content needs.
    • Content Strategy Development & Optimization: After finalizing the keywords, its time to start create webpages and content by targeting the keywords. This section covers Keyword Placement, Keyword Density, use of LSI Terms in Content, Selecting proper Header. Most important part of this section is making the content great and natural. Content should not be stuffed with keywords. On-Page Optimization will be covered in this section as well.
    • SEO Strategy Development: If you have a budget and not sure what to do, then I will develop the strategy for you. This strategy covers both on page & off page and content promotional plan.
    • Implementation: Once the strategy developed, I will guide your team how to implement your ideas. This time ranking may go down but it will be up again within 2-3 weeks. I will guide your development team as well.
    • Tools & Software Recommendations: In Search Marketing Industry, there are hundreds of software solutions to analyze and track keyword rankings. I will help you to find the best tools according to your strategy and budget.
    • Link Building Guideline: In 2017, Search Engine specially Google loves natural and High Quality Links. I will guide your team to create natural and quality links which will help you to gain better ranking at Search Engines. I will also help you exposing hidden opportunities for growing your link building efforts with high quality sites which will drive awareness & traffic.
    • SEO Training:  A part of my SEO consulting services is training. I will train you or your team to make the process better. I will train step by step so that you or your team can do your own SEO in Future.


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